MicroTag is now revolutionizing the industry by developing and utilizing the latest family of lasers that are now significantly smaller and more portable than their predecessors. MicroTag’s range of laser etching solutions make it possible to permanently mark valuable assets in situ, wherever your premises are located.

It is now possible to permanently mark almost any surface with an unlimited range of images, logos, asset ID numbers and text. The mark cannot be removed and any defacing would be obvious to the eye and would dramatically reduce the value of the marked item. All marked items can be registered within a dedicated database and with any relevant codes and descriptions as required.

Another unique feature available through MicroTag is the Reward Service. History has shown that the Reward Scheme considerably increases the likelihood of recovery of the item. In most cases it is a lost or left item not necessarily stolen which is found in a train station, taxi, hotel lobby etc. It is not just the financial value of a lost or stolen laptop but the value of any potentially confidential data held on it.

The Laser Etching Service can compliment or replace any existing asset labeling system. As and when a finder contacts the International Security Register their details are taken along with the serial number of the label, the serial number of the recovered item and where it was found. MicroTag will then arrange for the collection and repatriation of the item back to the owner, whilst at the same time paying the finder’s reward.